Three (and a Half) Tips to Survive Cyber Monday | PCWorld

Three (and a Half) Tips to Survive Cyber Monday | PCWorld.

Well, I’m back from celebrating with TWO Thanksgiving dinners, detoxing from all of the good food and getting my blood sugars back into the normal range.

I started Saturday out by spilling coffee on my brand new t.v. remote control, so a trip to the cable store gave me a chance to get out of the house and take a long walk. Then I came home and crashed. Thankfully, my blood sugars were no longer in the danger zone (note to self:one holiday dinner okay, two holiday dinners are a no-no).

I’ve been getting as large number of email deals for cyber Monday, but I’m going to pass, thank you all very much.

My grandchildren are crafting their Christmas lists now, and I will be shopping throughout the month.

How about you–will you be cyber shopping?


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