Are two blogs better than one?

I think so, after this week.
I tried posting a few times this week, got nowhere, and decided to start posting on my WordPress blog, b.burcroff, once again.
So, in case my need to post is thwarted again, I have a backup!
I was determined to post a few nights ago, Blogger was being a blighter, so I made my way over to WordPress and started to blog.
Well, actually, I tried to blog.
See, things are a little different in WordPress.
And by 9:00 p.m. or so on a weeknight, I’m a little tired and very cranky.
It took me some time, a few mistakes, 50 or 60 four-letter words, but I cranked out a post.
Anyway, the weather in Seattle is amazing right now, everyone is outside, wearing shorts and blasting music from their car stereos, there are about 6 gazillion tourists in Seattle, and I’ve got the next three days off.
Oh yes, my son Jay is 38 years-old today. 
Of course, I was five years old when I gave birth, so I’m 43 now.
Be right back, I’m dodging lightning bolts from heaven from that whopper of a lie….
Okay, I’m back.
Can you tell it’s Friday night?
I’m a little tired, very pleased to have three days off, and excited about spending the 4th with my grandchildren, daughter-in-law, and family friends.
And I will be doing some blog hopping this weekend, adding some of my uber-witty comments to your wonderful posts.
And to my son, and everyone else having a birthday today, I give you THE BEATLES:

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  1. Hope you enjoy your extended weekend 🙂

  2. Thanks, Lady Banana! It's a beautiful day!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting We blog at both blogger and wp and one of the saving graces was to find Microsoft Live Scribe, which is easier than posting on either site and you can do both from one location if you are Pc and not a mac.

  4. Yeah I hear ya about WordPress but I am an old hand there since I have had it so long..just takes getting used to I guess. Not like the old days that is for sure. Glad you have time with the kids this holiday..they make life so wonderful don't they? Have a great holiday and glad I could come by and visit ya!! 🙂

  5. I've had problems in the past with Blogger, but so far I'm OK.

    My sister's Birthday is Sunday. I posted a Beatles Birthday song for her too. Us Boomers think a like.

    And, amazingly, I too, gave birth, or maybe cloned, my first daughter (who is 37) as a kindergartener myself. I used to say at 13, now I go with “it was a science experiement” story.

  6. Sweetie Berry, thanks for the news about Live Scribe; I will check it out. And I enjoyed your article immensely!

  7. Caroldee, thanks so much for stopping by; been thinking of you often, with loving thoughts and granny hugs.

  8. JSFB: We Boomers know good tunes too 🙂 Cloning is a good word to remember, as it the science experiment explanation! Have a great weekend!

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