Earth Hour 2010

About 4:30 today, I decided to participate in Earth Hour 2010 this evening.

I’m home nursing a bad back (it’s an old problem) this afternoon/evening, so I thought it would be a kick to take some pics and post them at 9:30 p.m (because if I play on the internet from 8:30-9:30, then I’m not participating in Earth Hour!).

More later!

Update: So people are Tweeting during Earth Hour, so I guess that I will too 🙂

I’m using Blogger in draft, and suddenly can’t add a picture!

What the hey??

UPDATE: So Blogger in Draft is having some issues; I had to switch back to the old Blogger and post editor.

Here are three of the almost two dozens pictures I took during Earth Hour last night. I made it one whole hour without cable television, my cell phone, or the internet.

Imagine that!


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  1. Thinking of you fondly!

    Aloha from Hawaii Gran

    Comfort Spiral

  2. Thanks, Cloudia!

  3. Gosh you're back and I can't see you in the dark!! LOL. All the best.

  4. Hi Keats! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be visiting soon!


  6. Same to you, Carol!

  7. Nice to see you back Gran !!!
    You was so long away 😦
    I hope all is well ….

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