Broccoli angst


I haven’t cooked in so long, I feel like I’m learning all over again.

And I’m rarely too sick to eat.

Tonight I made one of my favorite meals, broccoli with spaghetti (click on the pic to see more detail).

It’s simple; I cooked up some Barilla whole wheat spaghetti, then threw in some fresh broccoli. I messed up by cooking the broccoli too long (I like my broccoli with a bit of snap to it).

Oh well.

Then I drained the pasta and broccoli, and melted some butter in a pan (you can use margarine, but I prefer butter).

Then I mixed everything together, and added some grated cheese and black pepper.


The melted butter and grated cheese really helped my disappointment regarding the overcooked broccoli.

And this was cooked in my new Paula Deen 6 quart stockpot.

I’ve gotta let go of my broccoli angst, I know.

I’m working on it.

I’m feeling a bit better tonight, and will head out for work tomorrow.



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  1. Thanks, Cloudia!

  2. Looks delish! Glad to hear you are feeling better. All that heat and a new environment probably set off the asthma.

  3. Thanks, Dakota Bear! I think you might be right about my not feeling well. I hope you are well!

  4. Glad you are feeling better!
    Sounds and looks like a yummy meal. And now I have to leave because I have a fasting blood test tomorrow and the picture is making me hungry. 😉

  5. The weather changed too and that always triggers an attack for me.. smells and new surroundings may be hard to get used to. Love the colors of that quilt…
    I love anything with greens on it.. Dinner looks great!

  6. That sounds delicious. I'm always looking for new ideas and will have to try that one. Thank you.

  7. Your broccoli pasta dish sounds wonderful…and so simple. I will definitely try it!
    So glad you are feeling better and are settling into your new apartment…love the new comforter.
    Thanks for your visits and your continuing enthusiasm about my book…your comment yesterday made my day. It's comments like that that keep me going toward the goal line!

  8. Looks delicious…

  9. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  10. That looks simple and delicious, I love broccoli!

    Hope you are feeling better now 🙂

  11. So, when's dinner?

  12. That is one of my favorite dishes, us single dwellers seem to always come up with this recipe. LOL…the broccoli looks good to me, I like mine cooked either with or without snap as long as it has the bright green color that yours has.

    Happy eating! 🙂

  13. Aerie-el, I'm supposed to have one of those fasting tests; I just keep putting it off! Hope things went well!

  14. Thanks, Caroldee. It was not bad!

  15. Thanks, Debo. Butter and grated cheese help overcooked broccoli!

  16. Oops, sorry Braja (:

  17. Lady Banana, it's kind of off and on. I hope you are feeling better.

  18. Thanks, Joanna. It's been kind of off and on this week.

  19. Hey Floyd! Thanks!

  20. Jlo, I admire your courage. Take care!

  21. Tammy, I hope you enjoy the dish!

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