The view from my balcony tonight!

After weeks of hot dry weather, we finally have rain!


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  1. Enjoy your rain, Gran.

    I'll take a few weeks of sunny weather if we could get it.

  2. We needed the rain and we got it in buckets! The pics are great that is some balcony you have there. Nice place!! Thanks for including them… : )

  3. New home, a view, and now? Rain!!! Yay!!!

  4. So nice to hear the raindrops. Only in Seattle would people be happy about that!
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your great vantage point, from which it looks like you can see and enjoy whatever the weather brings!

  5. Tammy, I just love rain (that's why I love living in Seattle, I guess).

  6. Aerie-el, so true about being happy with rain! I love it!

  7. You are welcome, Caroldee! It's a great spot.

  8. Braja, it's great!

  9. Gran, love the rain too after a dry spell. We, in the Northwest love our green spaces and want to keep them so.

  10. You bet, lakeviewer. The grass around these parts has been burnt brown, and I'm hoping to see some green grass soon!

  11. Great view up on the balcony, it won't take long to see the green grass after the rains, cheers, floyd.

  12. Cheers, Floyd, and thanks a lot!

  13. Gran you have such a great view. The pics are great and so is the rain. Can you send soem our way..

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