Not feeling too well today

Thanks to a fairly severe asthma attack early this morning.

I will post more tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of my new quilt, complete with bed ruffle and pillow shams.


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  1. That looks comfy!
    Hope you are feeling better

    Peace – Rene

  2. You must be adjusting to new bugs, new routines, new diggs. Hang in there.

  3. Thanks, Rene, I am feeling better! And it is comfy.

  4. Good point, lakeviewer. everything in my life is different right now. It's good, but different!

  5. Nice quilt, Gran. Asthma attacks suck. The humidity here does it to me.

  6. Ahhh, I hope you are feeling better.

    Your bed and quilt are lovely 🙂

    I'm just back from vacation so I'm off to catch up on your posts. I missed you!


  7. What a lovely nest!
    I'm sending you warm, healing Aloha, Gran
    Luv ya-
    Comfort Spiral

  8. Asthma is no fun, feel better soon. I nice to see you are enjoying your new home.

  9. Sorry to hear you are not too well. I hope it's not an allergy to the bedding, my son had an allergy to a type of bedding once!

    I'm also off sick today, can't stop coughing 😦

  10. Nice color choice gran, I hope you start feeling better today.

  11. Floyd, I'm still sick, but doing okay.

  12. Lady Banana, I hope you are feeling better.

  13. Dakota Bear, thanks for the good wishes.

  14. Aloha, Cloudia, and thanks for the healing thoughts.

  15. Oh yippee gets to see the new quilt. Its gorgeous and the colours are restful. Enjoy – well I guess being not well you got to enjoy bed more than you had wanted to but….sinus and asthma – runs in my family and its not good. The weather no doubt playing havoc. I get it if stressed…

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