Back to work Monday

Yesterday, UPS delivered my new “stuff,” and I’m having fun with my new sheets, towels, and a 10 piece Paula Deen cookware set.


It’s been years since I bought new sheets and towels, and I had no pots and pans left (I gave my old ones away, when I lived sparingly with family and then in an apartment without my own kitchen).

I’m home this morning, then off to my son’s house this afternoon–I’m going to babysit for a few hours so my son can go to a movie and dinner.

My family member is doing better; thanks to all for your prayers. He is moving to Seattle, from the midwest, and should be here by the end of August.

Anyhoo, I’m preparing to go back to work Monday (boo, hiss).

I’m on my way to visit some blogs right now.


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  1. We must go to work for the money …….. LOL
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Enjoy your new linnen!!
    Comfort Spiral

  3. New towels and sheets are always so nice and comfortable. Enjoy!
    Glad to hear that your family member is doing better.

  4. Hope you enjoy your new stuff, and enjoy some good food with that cook ware.

  5. Oh nice to pop over and see that you are all settled into your new place now. It has been years since I bought new sheets, towels, pots and pans but I will have to start soon.

  6. Oh I love new sheets and towels, love them. Good on you!! Its just a great new start and thanks for the advice on the walking. Enjoy your Sunday and so pleased about your family member.

  7. Thanks, Lilly! Good luck with the exercise.

  8. DJ Kirby, thanks for the comment. My towels had gotten really ratty looking, same with my sheets!

  9. Thanks, Floyd. I'm going to start cooking soon!

  10. Anya, you are so right! I need to make more money so I can pay my rent and buy more stuff!

  11. Thanks, Tammy! Appreciate your comment.

  12. I sure will, Cloudia!

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