vacation notes

I’m home having a light drink–Mike’s Hard lime with fresh lime and ice cubes.

It’s totally refreshing!

I’ll be spending some time with my grandchildren this week, helping out my son a bit.

It’s not my story, so I can’t share the details, but prayers would be appreciated.

It’s beautifully cool in Seattle today, and hopefully we will get some rain soon.


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  1. WELL he has my prayers I know it must be a tense time.
    Glad I could get in here tonight.. kicked me out last night.. BOO blogger!! : ( Glad you are enjoying your new place!!

  2. I am enjoying my new home, Caroldee. Again, thanks for the prayers.

  3. Prayers are sent.

    That drink looks very refreshing. Enjoy!

  4. have fun with your grandchildren 🙂

    ( its here also very hot weather, we are also waiting for rain 😉

  5. Oh I have to catch up, you are in your new home. Congratulations. And that drink sure looks good. I will say some prayers and hope all turns out well.

  6. Prayers are on their way to you all :0)

  7. thanks, eternally distracted.

  8. Hey Lilly, the drink was good. Light and refreshing!

  9. Anya, thanks. It's much cooler here now, still no rain. Stay cool.

  10. He's got my prayers as well.

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