I’m back! Kind a

My apartment is tops, especially the balcony!

The neighborhood is amazing, but a lot noisier than my old ‘hood.

And the weather has finally cooled off in Seattle–it’s a beautiful 82 degrees here now (which is better then the 103 we had last week).

I’m really tired, and glad that I don’t have to go back to work until the 10th.

It’s going to take me a day or so to get through the 200 or so items in my Google Reader.

But I’ll be stopping by soon!


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  1. Very neat place!
    I love the view from your balcony too.
    You have taken a long leave from work 😛
    Enjoy your new home.

  2. Thanks, ECL! It's fun to move, but also lots of work. I hope yopu are enjoying your kimchi.

  3. Nice balcony view, enjoy getting your digs together.

  4. Yeah! New diggs. Congratulations.

  5. Thanks, Dakota Bear. I had to take a break today, didn't do much.

  6. Thanks, lakeviewer!

  7. Nesting takes time :))

  8. Nice place and view!
    Have fun settling into your new place!

  9. Sweeeet! Enjoy and have a glass of wine!

  10. What a great view and it sure looks like a lovely new home. New start, new change and new horizons. It will be exciting.

  11. Thanks, Lilly. The most exciting part is being on vacation this week 🙂

  12. Looks great gran thanks for posting the pics.

  13. Looks like a lovely place you have there, hope you are settling in well 🙂

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