MCN: Voynaristic: The Greatest Adventure of All

MCN: Voynaristic: The Greatest Adventure of All

I’m home today, trying to get over this cold, still running a temperature off and on.

As I sit here, brooding, I’m catching up on blog posts and I want to share this amazing piece written by my daughter-in-law Kim.

More later, I hope.


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  1. Fever and a cold!? Hope it's not the dreaded H1N1 flu. See a doctor.

  2. Wow, I didn't think of that. I will call the doctor. Thanks ECL.

  3. We are wishing yo well, but DO see a Dr.
    Thanks SO much for featuring my little book on your page!! Aloha, Dear

  4. Thanks gran that was a good read,thanks for sharing it. Us who have lost our grandmothers or even our great-grandmothers can relate to story and when we share old photos with them or even just talk about the older times it always lifts them up a little and us.

  5. Get well soon and CALL the doctor if you feel unwell enough to do so but DON'T go in to see the doctor. If you do have H1N1A then you need to keep those germs at home. Hope you have a cold and nothing more and tha tyou are feeling much better soon.

  6. Feel better Gran. That was a wonderful story.

  7. Thanks, Cloudia! I'm going to keep featuring your book on my page. Aloha!

  8. Thanks, Tammy, for reading the post.

  9. DJ, thanks for the advice. I think it's just a cold, the one everyone at works seems to have these days.

  10. Floyd, you are so right. My maternal grandmother died before I was born, but I loved my paternal grandma and think of her every day. Take care, my friend.

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