New Moon Trailer

Tween hearts are melting around the world tonight, as the trailer for ‘New Moon’ is released.


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  1. This is a sequel to twilight I believe, have to put it on my to do list. I like the new header great color very nice flowers, also trying out your new gadget link within. Install of this is a breeze,,cheers.

  2. ….I cannot even remember being a “tween” LOL…but love is love…no matter what inning we are playing!

    Best wishes to you Gran!

  3. Cheers, Floyd! New Moon is a sequel to Twilight!

  4. Muse, we were tweens, the word just hadn't been thought of yet 🙂

  5. Oh I just cant do this one I am too old and far too cynical.

  6. Lilly! Yeah, the teenage angst is a bit much sometimes. Too much, “I'm in love with a vampire.” Get over it, kid! We all love unwisely, some of us more than others (aka me).

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