Dan Caro soloing


As a child, Dan Caro was burned over 75% of his body.

After surgeries and therapy, his fingers and toes fell off.

But Dan wanted to be a musician, and what a musician he is!



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  1. every bit of doubt should be gone from my life!
    thank you Gran!
    how remarkable!

  2. Oh yeah, Muse. This man is fearless.

  3. I will try to find his music. Remarkable.

  4. He is remarkable, lakeviewer.

  5. It is too early to watch a music video right now. I will be back alter this evening to do it though. I like what you’ve put in your profile, I think we’ll get on just fine!

  6. Bless his soul! Thanks for sharing this remarkable man with us.

  7. Thanks, DJKIrby!

  8. Tammy, glad you enjoyed it!

  9. You are welcome, Keats. Take care.

  10. He is remarkable gran,thanks for sharing this.

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