Kicking back

I’ve crammed a lot of living into my four days off: a doctor visit, a movie, a great dinner (complete with one Margarita), time with my family, and lots of sleep.

In a few hours, I return to work, and I’ll be ready to hit the bricks and do my job.

Now I’m kicking back in my chair, surfing the internet, drinking a diet coke with a wedge of lime, and listening to the Seattle police and fire scanner on KOMO 4 news. I won’t listen to the scanner for long, because it’s too unsettling.

Last night, I offered to babysit three of my grandchildren for a few hours so my son and daughter-in-law could get out for a few hours. We rented two movies, Oliver & Company, and The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The kids got a real charge when a character in the last movie talked about having a “brain fart.” They giggled themselves to sleep.

What is it with kids and bodily functions?


Anyhoo, I’ve commented on lots of blogs today, and now I’m just going to flake out.

Gran out for now.


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  1. Looks comfy enough to sit and click away on your keyboard! And to curl up and catch a few winks??
    Have a good day!

  2. Oh that chair looks great. How come you are not kicking back with another Margarita? Oh right, work tomorrow I guess. Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. And excuse me, I am slipping in your comment ranks I need to do someting to increase my ranking!!

  4. Keats, I did take a little nap this afternoon! It was great 🙂

  5. Hey Lilly, I have to monitor my alcohol consumption, because I’m taking a bit higher dose of a blood pressure medication. And Lilly, no problem about the comment numbers! Come and comment when you can! Real life happens every day.

  6. Brain fart *giggles* giggles*

    That chair looks really comfy Gran! Sounds like u had a wonderful time with the kids.

  7. Jade, my grandchildren are a riot 🙂 And it is a comfy chair! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Very relaxing looking chair gran, I hope you got some rest, sounds like you had a great time with the kids.

  9. Nothing more relaxing than a comfy chair to kick back in. Aren’t grandchildren fun? Have a great day, Gran.

  10. Now that look like a very comfy chair!

  11. LOL…well I started laughing too about the brain expulsion…ought oh! LOL what does that mean? ROFLMPatootieOff
    (trying hard to drop my imaginary strawberry daiquiri!) LOL

  12. Sounds like you had a fab weekend! And I’m with you on the bodily functions. I’m ready for the grandkids to out grow that one too 🙂 enjoy!

  13. Floyd, I had a great time with the kiddo’s.

  14. Joanna, their giggles were funnier than the “joke.” It was a great weekend, thanks!

  15. Muse, you are funny!

  16. Lady Banana, it’s a big comfy chair. I’m sitting in it right now!

  17. Tammy, grandchildren are a blast!

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