Saturday coffee

Coffee is a religious experience on weekends.

At least for me.

Unlike my weekday coffee, when I slam 1.5 cups before blasting out the door, Saturday coffee is sipped with a sense of enjoyment that I find hard to describe.

A dollop of whipped cream adds a bit of sweetness (I don’t add sugar to my coffee) to my cup o’ joe.


So now, I’m going to comment a bit, on this blog and others, while sipping my coffee and listening to the local news.

And it’s going to be warm and sunny in Seattle today–yaha.



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  1. coffee or tea…i can totally understand the slow pace of just absorbing time…with favorite cup in hand!

    Enjoy your Sat…and don’t get too warm outside!

  2. Coffee is a religious experience on weekends.

    Not just weekends, for me, I worship early and often.

    Just a splash of cream for me.

  3. Ah, we share the same wind patterns most of the time. Yes, this weekend will be sunny and warm. Let’s enjoy that cup outdoors.

  4. Coffee! Lets share a cup, Gal pal!
    Thanks for your cool visits to my blog. Aloha

  5. Coffee for my husband and tea for me!
    The heat has simmered . Looks like it’s gonna be a nice , relaxing Sunday.
    Selamat pagi! (‘good morning’ in the Malay language)

  6. HI. sorry I’ve been so absent.. fnding it hard to maneuver so many blogs and so little time anymore.
    Glad your weekend will be nice for a change. Our HEAT is on and we could have frost in some places tonight.
    Ughhh will spring never get here and stay??? take care : ) PS it’s TEA for me!!

  7. Just being able to sit, relax and enjoy the day is something I cherish on my days off.

  8. Tammy, me too. It’s feeling great!

  9. Hey Muse, it was a tad cool yesterday, but still beautiful!

  10. Caroldee, no apologies necessary. It’s going to warm up a more here today. Finally. And I hope you get to turn your heat off soon.

  11. Welcome, Cloudia. Aloha!

  12. Keats, thanks for the Malay expression for good morning!

  13. You’ve got it, lakeviewer! Thanks for the visit.

  14. Rene, coffee is a wonderful thing!

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