I felt great until a few days ago, then started to feel sad and kind of grumpy.

Last night, I remembered that next week is the third anniversary of my mom’s death, after three years of watching her fail, of being her primary support.


Expect sporadic blogging from me for a bit.

I’m doing fine, just going to pamper myself a bit more than usual.

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  1. Memories can still hurt especially of lost loved ones. But I’m sure your mum knows you still love her very much. God bless you.

  2. Absolute pampering, definitely…if i had some wine, I’d have a glass for you 🙂

  3. *hugs*

    Treat yourself to something better. I would ask you out for a meal if I were living near you. Take care.

  4. Gran, I understand it will be difficult. What a wonderful gift you gave your mother caring for her. I get that as I am doing the same with my Dad. Pamper yourself something rotten. You are a ripe woman who deserves it. I am going to call myself a ripe woman from now on after reading the comment you left me. It sounds positively delicious! You should copyright the term. Take Care.

  5. Definitely pamper yourself.
    I lost my brother in a car wreck, May 13, 2005. It still hurts, and on that day my mom always does something to help her feel better.
    I find what helps me is to remember the good times that we had.
    What ever you need to do to help yourself, do it.

  6. Kick back and relax and all this weekend do not let work enter your mindset.

  7. Braja, I settled for some diet coke tonight 🙂

  8. Thanks, Keats, for your comforting words.

  9. Lilly, I just may copyright that term. I hope your Dad is doing better.

  10. Thanks, ECL. I’m pampering myself for sure.

  11. Tammy, you are so right. We had lots of good times. Thanks!

  12. I’ve let go of work, Floyd, and it feels great!

  13. That always happens to me, I start to feel upset even before I remember the anniversary of the death of one of my family…

    I hope you are able to feel better soon, look after yourself and have a good weekend..

  14. I shall, Lady Banana. Hope you are doing well.

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