"Girl, you lookin like you gonna live forever"

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I ran into an ex-client yesterday while I was out getting my haircut and buying groceries.

We talked for a few minutes, then she remarked, “You look younger than you looked couple a years ago. Girl, you lookin like you gonna live forever.”

I muttered something in reply, because I don’t always know how to handle compliments.

But last night I got to thinking about what this person said to me, because I’m going to turn 60 (as in years old) this summer.

I’m handling this fact pretty well, although some nights I lay and bed and pray that when it’s my time to go I see a blinding flash of light and then just drop over dead.

Neuroses aside, death is something that comes for each one of us, and as aunt of mine told me years ago, “When it’s your time, there is nothing you can do about it.”

So I’m happy that I’m looking younger now; losing some weight, eating better and getting more exercise has helped me look younger, I’m thinking.

But do I want to live forever?

No way.

When it’s mine turn to return from whence I came (i.e., dust), hopefully I will let go gracefully and not make a deal with the devil or some other hopeless attempt to cheat the reaper.

But I’m really happy to be looking younger right now.

I’ll cheat the reaper a few years at a time, and feel healthy for a bit longer.



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  1. Oh Gran…I FEEL THE SAME WAY !!!!!

    (just one more reason I love you)
    You are SENSIBLE!

    LOL xo LOL

  2. Muse, love ya back. I think aging has forced me to be more sensible πŸ™‚

  3. Enjoy what you got because it doesn’t last forever, that’s my mantra.

  4. I meet a lot of very very old people in my job and sometimes I wonder – are they scared they wont wake up each day.. I can imagine that’s how I might feel if I make it to my 80’s or 90’s.

  5. That’s a good mantra, lakeviewer! Very true.

  6. Lady Banana, it’s my goal not to fear death, even if it’s making eye contact with me.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Gran…I am giving you a spring day hug this rainy Monday! These old bones are aching…but I’m still going! LOL

  8. I came by way of Shambles Manor – the Gran name caught my eye!! Hopefully you do have a few/lot of years left to enjoy. You are doing the right thing to make it happen anyway. Oh but true – we don’t know what the Lord has planned as our home going.

    Great Post.


  9. I am with you gran,,diet and exercise will go a long way to keeping us healthy and I would not want to live forever, in the old testament some of those people lived 8 or 9 hundred years. Can you image years from now some 6th great grand child says not that is not what happened in 2009, I should know my gran was there. Hey nice header I see you changed it.

  10. Age is nothing but a number! Yikes that really original…

  11. I was writing a post about death at the same time you were writing this…i’ll post it one day πŸ™‚ Well said, Gran xx

  12. Gran, you are only young. My family live into their 90s although I may break that cycle. I cant imagine. Glad to hear that you are feeling good and lets face it you got a lot of emotional baggage off your shoulders too which must help turn back the clock.

    You enjoy life and keep on keeping on. Now I have to find me some hills to climb because I want someone to tell me I am getting younger too! Enjoy it and do something mega special to celebrate your birthday. Just for you!

  13. That’s a great spirit. My parents also living everyday with gratitude and contentment, considering they both over 60 but still look fit and young. It’s how you think makes who you are today. Best wishes to you Gran, and I’m sure there’ll be many years for you to come. Enjoy life!

  14. Thanks a lot, Muse! It’s rainy and cold here tonight.

  15. grammyof13, you are so right! And thanks for the comment!

  16. Hey Floyd no way do I want to live centuries πŸ™‚

  17. I will, Lilly, thanks so much!

  18. Braja, no way! I’ll read it with enjoyment!

  19. Hey Debo, it’s also true, what you wrote πŸ™‚

  20. Ching ya, I will take your advice. thanks!

  21. We are only promised today, but it doesn’t hurt to be healthy to the end.

  22. My parents-in-law are in their 90s and their health has been deteriorating. It’s frightening for me to witness the ageing process.

    I don’t want to live forever and hope the end is fast and painless. πŸ™‚

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