Seattle waterfront photo

I snapped this photo last night, about 6:45 p.m.

A click on the pic will get you some great detail!

Red Robin at Pier 55 is to the left of this photo.

I just love this area of Seattle!


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  1. Lovely photo! How nice to sit and eat dinner at the waterfront – apart from the river and canals London doesn’t have much water!

  2. Sorry, Maria, you pissed Gran off with your spam comment.

    This comment, and subsequent ones, will be deleted.

  3. Lady Banana, it was lovely to eat dinner and watch all of the boats go by. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Great picture, Gran. You took great advantage of the light.

  5. I can smell the salt air!

  6. The question is…………
    SURF or Turf? LOL

    A very neat pic! And I agree…portions of Seattle are simply gorgeous!

  7. Wonder picture! I can smell the salt air and see the seagulls lying. It looks like an ideal place to have dinner and drinks.

  8. What a lovely photo Gran.

  9. Great looking photo gran, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Rose, thanks a million.

  11. Thanks, Floyd!

  12. Grandpa, I realized when I came out of the restaurant that it was a perfect time to snap a photo! Thanks.

  13. Dakota Bear, it’s a great place to watch the boats and people finally enjoying the warmer weather.

  14. Aloha, Cloudia. Thanks for the comment.

  15. Muse: surf! 🙂

  16. This photo is wonderful and makes a striking banner for your blog, as well. I remember times when I have viewed this scene with family and friends – my daughter-in-law’s parents live in Seattle.
    Greatly appreciate your prayers as I have continued to be ill and out of commission on many days.
    But, the book deadline looms – my editor leaves for Europe on the 12th – so I pray for strength to make it across the finish line.
    God and God alone can see this project through.
    Love you lots, Gran,

  17. Sending you strength through my prayers, Jlo. Love ya back! You will make your deadline, I just know that you will. Hugs to you.

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