Tired and grumpy

myspace comments

myspace comments

I’m going to bed with a good book.

More tomorrow.


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  1. poor grumpy Gran!!
    Hope da book is “mines”
    Heh Heh….aloha-

  2. I stopped in for a minute, got hooked, signed up, will return.

  3. I hope thats alcohol in that cup…a little goes a long way. Better day tomorrow.

  4. Take care friend and I hope you don’t get that old bug I got that sent me to the hospital, thank goodness it was not the swine flu, I don’t think I could take another one worse than the one I had.

  5. Cloudia, your book hasn’t gotten here yet (:

    I need to check on it, actually.

  6. Lakeviewer, thanks a lot.!

  7. Sorry, Lilly, it was tea with lemon 🙂

  8. Floyd, I’m feeling well this week (so far); just tired. I hope you are feeling better.

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