April Fool’s Day

The best zinger I ever got off someone was my son.

He was still in grade school when I told him the school board decided kids would have to go to school all summer.

The poor kid was so upset that I have never played an April Fool’s Day trick on anyone ever again.

I hope your April 1st was fun!

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  1. O.M.G. I would have been also upset 🙂Finally I’m able to visit your blog again – thanks to good connection quality – and sorry for the long absence! Traveling and driving sometimes almost 8 hours a day is very tiring and often I just don’t feel like sitting on my laptop at all. I know it’s sounds like an excuse, but it is not! :)) Susanne< HREF="http://sues-daily-photos.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Sue’s Daily Photography<>

  2. Gosh, Susanne, no problem. I’m staying up with your travels, and feel kind of silly, I guess, because all I can comment is ooh and ah! Great pictures.And I know what it’s like to draw for so many hours a day–it’s harder than going to work!Take care, and have continued safe travels.

  3. HI Hope you are feeling better.. RE that twitter thing it is just like facebook was in the beginning. just waiting for the next new thing to come along. I like it cause it is fast and short sentences. AS for april fool Ihave been fooled many times This year it was NO JOKE we have snow coming YUCKO hope it skips us and goes right to The east coast.. I can dream take care : )

  4. I didn’t go to work so I missed out on all the pranksters. Oh well maybe next year!!! 🙂

  5. Hope you did not get to many tricks pulled on you today.

  6. Poor little guy! LOLI don’t do April Fools pranks either, don’t know why, I just never have.

  7. Melissa, You can tell I still feel badly, and the little guy is now in his mid-thirties!

  8. Debo, days off are good too!

  9. No one played any tricks on me, Floyd!

  10. Caroldee, I’m feeling lots better, still glad it’s the weekend!

  11. I used to plan elaborate April Fool’s Day pranks but now I have no time and energy to do that. My son is taking over. haha….

  12. eastcoast, I know what you mean about low energy!

  13. He he he, oh you mean Mother but hey that is the best one I have heard! I bet every April 1 he remembers that too and will forever bring it up in conversation! Thanks for the laugh!

  14. We talk about it every so often, my son and I, and my son rolls his yes, Lilly 🙂

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