I’ve Loved You So Long (Trailer)


This is an amazingly beautiful movie.

Kristin Scott Thomas wuz robbed; she should have been nominated for an Oscar.


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  1. Gran….I haven’t seeen this film yet but I have heard about it. I know that she spaeks french so well so I can’t wait to see it. You know that her first movie was Under A cherry Moon with Prince in it. She played this Frech actress in it and spoke French it that movie. The soundtrack is all Prince…that’s my trivia about Kristin Scott Thomas. I think that my local video store may just have this movie in stock. As soon as I see itI will repost back to you. Hey there is an amazing Italain film I think you’d like it’s called Remember Me, My Love(english title) Italian Title Ricordati Di Me…please if you find it watch it it’s good.HuggsJB

  2. She is a brilliant actress and I must see this film.

  3. I look forward to seeing this film. I thinks KST is a fabulous actress and wonderful in everything that she’s in.

  4. Hey Lilly. I hope you do see this film.

  5. Debs, it’s a good film. thanks for the comment!

  6. Aloha, Ms. Cloudia!

  7. jb, thanks for the movie tip. I’m going to check it out at Netflix, because I’m too lazy to go to a video store 🙂

  8. Great clip,,I have not saw this film,but the clip makes me now want to see the rest of it.

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