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From “Find Baby Thor Wang”

“On Valentine’s Day Thor Wang, a little American boy of Swedish-Taiwanese descent disappeared. The father, Yen-Chen, a.k.a. Andrew, Wang of Los Angeles, owner of K2 Tech Consulting did not return the boy after his four hour allotted visitation.

This is NOT a custody battle. This is parental child concealment. The mother, Maria “Mia” Danielsson Wang has sole custody of baby Thor and the baby’s father Wang had visitation rights only.”


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  1. HAPPY ST PATIRCK’S DAY TO YOU!! Don’t drink the green beer it makes your P green!! 😀 LOL

  2. NopeI am not drunk I just can’t spell HAPPY ST PAT’S ANYWAY!! PS does green underwear count if you can’t see it?? heheheh

  3. Oh thats sad, Gran. this happens so much and must be so distressing to the children and mothers or fathers involved. I pray the little boy is safely returned to his mother. Gosh the things that happen when relationships break down.

  4. Thank you Gran, for blogging about this!

  5. I not sure what I think about this. So I am going to for go commenting.

  6. your choice, Debo. thanks for stopping by.

  7. please have yourself or mom contact me as I have a ministry dedicated to this type of situation.I am also located in S. California. You can email me at or visit my blog at to see my bio and background; once there, leave me a comment as how to get in touch with you and mom.

  8. Sister Julia, thanks for the comment. I have passed your message on.

  9. Thanks for blogging this gran, I don’t know the whole situation but pray everything turns out o.k.

  10. Thanks, Floyd. I’m picking up information as I go along, and it sounds like the mother of all break-ups.Too bad a little boy is caught in the middle.

  11. This is so sad. Have they found him yet?

  12. Not yet. It is very sad.

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