I think I cured my sweet tooth

Yesterday afternoon I consumed a Bavarian Crème Bismark doughnut from Top Pot Hand-Forged doughnuts in Seattle.

I can’t find a picture of the specific doughnut, but it was the plumpest, sweetest doughnut I have ever consumed. The dang doughnut was filled with Bavarian Creme.

And I ate the whole thing.

It turned out to be my mid-afternoon snack and my dinner.

When I got home from work, I drank about a gallon of ice cold water.

The sweetness in my mouth was sickening, and my stomach did flip-flops all night long.

My stomach was talking to me, well yelling actually, “What the ‘f’ do you think you’re doing to us, bitch? We can’t eat like that anymore. I’ll teach you not to eat like that, bitch, because I’m going to keep you up all night long. And now, you are MY bitch, because I’m gonna make you pay for this.”

Well, stomach was partly wrong.

I slept, but had some really weird dreams.

Aliens chased me, a college instructor I didn’t like showed up in my dreams, only he was part donkey.

So, at least for now, no sweets.

I hope I’m cured forever, you know, of my sweet lust.


I couldn’t get that lucky.

Photo credit.

n.b., I’m feeling a lot better today, after walking in the crisp cool Seattle air, to and from an appointment at work today.


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  1. Oh, greedy is biggest sin. 🙂< HREF="http://fymtyh.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Health is the Greatest Happiness<>< HREF="http://eyesinkaleidoscope.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">The World at The Present<>

  2. LOLWhat if it wasn’t the donut?(No I’m NOT the devil, just a bit devilish today)…..Aloha, Luv

  3. Isn’t it weird that food can affect dreams?!You’d think after eating a sweet doughnut you’d have sweet dreams though…The photo of the sky is very cool!

  4. Oh, but it sounds soooo good! I think I’d be willing to risk a funky dream for Bavarian Cream.Pearl

  5. I think those taste great but when the body sees all that grease and such it just rejects it. Mine dos that is for sure.. haven’t had a donut since last months jelly one during the pazacki festival here. Boy those were tasty but made me sick too.. YUCK!! Hope you have veggies today! LOL take care : )

  6. PS love your header pics they are great!! 🙂

  7. Oh my, that sounded like a yummy d-nut. Glad to hear you had an opportunity to take a walk. 🙂

  8. I had a lemon filled pazacki a few weeks ago, it was good. Boy o boy did I fell guilty after eating it.Happy to hear you are feeling better after a walk. You’re description of your experience had me laughing. If your anything like me, enough time will pass the experience will be forgotten and we will eat it again,

  9. skywind, my stomach agrees with you 🙂

  10. Cloudia, if it wasn’t the doughnut, I’m in trouble 🙂 Aloha.

  11. Thanks, Aerie-el, thanks for the comment. I just had too much food on my stomach 🙂

  12. Pearl, it was a great dougnut 🙂

  13. Thanks, caroldee! And I’ve been eating LOTS of veggies! I hope you got some rest!

  14. Dakota Bear, I’m sure I will eat sweets again. Ha!

  15. me too, Debo 🙂 The walk really helped!

  16. My favorite is yeast,,don’t buy them much especially a dozen I tend to eat the whole batch,,lol.

  17. That sounds like a uber yummy donut. I’m thinking of one now.But why do you have such a reaction to sweet things?

  18. Oh dear, I know that feeling. It cures me for a while but the lust creeps back in a few weeks later ..lol

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