My weekend away

I’m back from an amazing weekend away.

The jacuzzi tub was a sensual experience, and I enjoyed good food and drink (Washington State Merlot and a sour apple martini.

And look out for another post today.


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  1. Go Gran, by the way just wanted to say we love you just the way you are. I always knew that there was something special about what you had dealt within life and you have gone and done all the hard work to make sure the rest o fyour life is as great as it can be. That is courageous!!!

  2. Thanks, Lilly, ever so much!

  3. Welcome back lady,,sounds like the weekend was great glad you enjoyed it.

  4. It was grand, Floyd. I had a nice quiet weekend!

  5. There’s just nothing like a luxurious weekend getaway. Good for you!!!

  6. Happy to hear you had a good weekend away. I just had one myself at a scrapbook summit.

  7. Dakota Bear, I hope you enjoyed your time away!

  8. Debo, it was an amazing weekend!

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