We got our snow

These photos were taken at 8:10 this morning.

I cannot get in to work right now, because the buses are stuck.

Back to my blogging holiday.


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  1. Wow. You did get the snow. Hope you’re enjoying your snow day.

  2. I am, Grandpa! And it’s still snowing. Thanks for the comment.

  3. That looks amazing – great pics. Now get back to your holiday and enjoy…

  4. Wow, big time snow, I can see why the buses are stuck, stay safe friend.

  5. Beautiful Gran…and thanks for clicking and making our r/ship official :))

  6. Wheeeee! Snow Day! Come play, Gran!Aloha-

  7. Nice pictures. That looks like quite a bit of snow.

  8. That looks fantastic, I so hope we get some this year but the chances are not high…

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