My "Pinky Tuscadero" sweater

I’m going to wear my Pinky Tuscadero sweater tomorrow.

Do you know Pinky?

She was an old flame of “The Fonz” on Happy Days.

Pinky was spunky, and sassy, and nobody pissed off Pinky.

Pinky wouldn’t take it, because she was a Miss Sassafras, just like me.

I wore this sweater during last year’s Seattle cold snap, and a colleague called me Pinky Tuscadero.

The sweater is a little too big on me this year, but I don’t care.

The high is supposed to be 31 degrees tomorrow, and now is the time to drag out my sweaters!

Gotta go.



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  1. LOL! You GO Pinky . . . . Aloha-

  2. I remember Pinky Tuscadero! And you know, Gran, since you’ve been there, that you’re color coordinated with my Chipper Little Daily Saying today… well done girl!

  3. That’s a lovely pink! It probably will not keep you warm under extreme weather conditions. 😛

  4. I love it It is really nice and warm and PINK! Hope it keeps you warm and well. Love the snow pics you really did get some. got more than ME as of tonight. We have it coming though.. Sorry I have been so awol. busy time here! Take care : )

  5. I remember Pinky. Oohhh it is cold. Think you might need to wear several sweaters. So Gran are you saying there is less of you now than there once was? Tell me your secret strategy if so.

  6. I do remember her…VAvava VOOM…go Gran 🙂 LOL

  7. We are dealing with weather here in Texas right now, we don’t normally have weather just Temperatures…

  8. Looks a nice cosy jumper, you need it in those kind of temps!

  9. Love that color Beth, I remember Pinky also, I would like to see them make the good sit-coms like earlier years.

  10. I wore a white turtleneck under my sweater, eastcoast 🙂

  11. Caroldee, no need to apologize. I understand. Stay warm!

  12. Braja, I’m honored, and thank you!

  13. Thanks, Muse 🙂

  14. Lilly, I wore a nice thick turtleneck underneath and stayed toasty warm. And yes, I’m a bit smaller this year! I’ve finally managed to eat less, and I’m exercising more.

  15. Lady Banana, staying warm is work in Seattle these days.

  16. Debo, I’m hearing about the weather in Texas! Stay warm, and I hope you have a great family celebration.

  17. Hi Gran! I love your Pinky sweater. Of course I remember her and the Fonz! I also remember her little sister, Leather! Ah, the memories. LOL. I am jealous of your sweater though. It’s been getting cold around these parts. 🙂

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