Sunday night, 24, and radio shows

Well, I can’t watch good old Jack Bauer.

Watching children being used for war is not my idea of entertainment, I guess.

Too much reality.

I deal with harsh realities every day, when I’m working, and my off hours are precious.

Right now, I’m listening to Imagination Theater on my transistor radio (yeah, I still have one). Radio stories about crime seem to be less violent, I guess because there’s no picture!

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday night, a short week for me, and I’m getting really excited about spending the holiday with my family.

I hope you all have a great Monday.


BTW, the photo above is not a picture of my transistor radio. Mine’s newer than the one shown.

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  1. I agree some of it I did not watch also. I just could not.. very violent for the 8 oclock time zone I think. It does tie in to how he gets back to the USA though. Once he is back in Washington this time, the story will get better.The previews werre tremendous I must say. A WOMAN PRESIDENT oh boy.. they are really ahead of their time or are they???Jan 11 I will be there to watch and see how or if I can continue to be a real JACK fan!! : )

  2. Good point, Caroldee. I will give it another chance when he gets back to Washington. I’m so glad there is a woman president on the show–John Voight is a real creep, I saw that before I gave up. Have a great Monday.

  3. I can’t watch anything too craxy close to bedtime. It’s just tooo much. I do like House, though. Just love that show. Wouldn’t it be cool if our old transistor radios could transport us for a little bit to a special place and time in our lives?Where would you go?That would be something cool to blog about.Go for it gran.Peace – Rene

  4. I’m going to think about this, Rene, and let you know tonight 🙂I don’t watch House, but I think he’s really funny.Thanks for the blogging idea!

  5. I’ve never watched it but you’re right, sometimes when it’s too “realistic,” I wonder what’s the point…to bring it to people’s attention, or use it for entertainment…

  6. Thanks, Braja! It was just too real!

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