Back Sunday

I’m off, first thing tomorrow, to run errands and then spend the night with my grandchildren.

Back Sunday.



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  1. Hey nice pic of the kids, hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hope you have a good time with the kids, they look full of fun, they’ll wear you out! lol

  3. Thanks, Floyd, I’m planning to have some fun with the little ones (except they aren’t so little any more).Take care, Floyd!

  4. Lady Banana, they are getting bigger, doing their thing(s)!Have a good weekend, Lady B.

  5. How gorgeous are your grandchildren – hope you had fun!

  6. Beautiful grandkids. Hope you enjoyed being there.

  7. Thanks, Grandpa. I had a blast.

  8. Lilly, they are beautiful, and I had such a good time.

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