Blog Action Day -Poverty-October 15, 2008

What can you do?

What can I do?

First, read 88 Ways to DO Something about poverty right now, by Easton Ellsworth.

What can we do?

Most of us can’t write a check to feed thousands of people.

But we can each do something to help.

Here are some of my ideas:

–Volunteer at a food bank, homeless shelter, senior center, anywhere poor people are served.
–If you have any canned goods, or any other food, left over at the end of the month,
donate it to a food bank.
–Put a face to poverty. It’s easy to talk about “poor people,” and become overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people who are poor. Get to know one poor person, and listen to his/her story. You’ll be amazed.
–Talk about poverty, write about poverty, speak out about how to eradicate poverty.



Speak out.



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  1. Great post Gran. It is that simple yet that complex isnt it? As human beings we all have the same needs and dreams. I cannot imagine not having shelter or food. Everthing else is just icing on the cake. Thanks for the link with the list and I think your ideas are great ones. Many thanks!

  2. Good post, Gran.Muge Tekil has an excellent photo on her blog Becoming Me [] that does put a face on poverty and reminds us poverty is about people.

  3. oh noooo! I thought that I clicked “publish” to Floyd’s comment, and it disappeared! Did I click “reject” instead? Floyd, could you comment again?Last time I moderate comments before my morning cup of Joe (:

  4. Oh dear, it’s the evening of the 15th and I don’t think I was able to do anything special.I don’t think we have many people here that are that poor.. yes we have homeless and those that choose to beg but really I have little or no sympathy for them because the social security here is more than adequate to look after these people and they will always be housed, even if it’s not a palace.Most of these down and outs are there because they choose to spend any pennies they get on booze and drugs and don’t want to accept the help which is fairly easy to get and free!It makes me cross when I hear about children bought up in poverty in Britain, it’s so avoidable if the parents didn’t spend the social security on drink and cigarettes.. It’s a poor excuse and I know it to be true as I had a period of time with my kids when I had to depend on Social security and I spent wisely and my kids did not suffer!Anyway off my soapbox!

  5. Thanks, Grandpa. I’m on my way now to check it out.

  6. Thank you, Lilly, as always, for your thoughtful comments and support.

  7. Great post Beth, these are good suggestions in what we could do to help and if millions of us did this we could really make a major change in poverty.

  8. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. You are right, these is something each of us can do to help alleviate poverty. My wife and I are always looking for ways to share with others. It is especially important for us to help less fortunate children, to be their friend, to teach, encourage and inspire them.I also participated in Blog Action Day on my blog.– Grandpa Shayne

  9. Thanks for participating in Blog Action Day and in the chain I started at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">A Writer’s Edge<>.Good job!Georganna @ A Writer’s Edge

  10. Thanks for posting your comment again, Floyd!

  11. Thanks, Georganna!

  12. Thanks for the comments, Grandpa Shayne! And I’m going to check out your blog.

  13. Thanks for shouting out from your soapbox, Lady Banana! I appreciate your comments!

  14. I think to help with proverty, we need to stop all forms of greed worldwide, wether it is in business, entertainmet or sports. Wealth should be equally distributed from the top down. I had a great paying job until 4 years ago when they moved my manufacturing job out of the country. I now struggle myself with working 2 part time jobs, with no benefits, The whole system is broken worldwide. We need to start within our own communties to lift people up out of proverty.

    r4i kort

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