Watch the full ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie trailer: What we couldn’t show on TV – Entertainment –

Watch the full ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie trailer: What we couldn’t show on TV – Entertainment –

Okay, this is nothing more than shameless self-promotion of this blog.

I’ve never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, but will probably see the movie.

The clip is a little racy, nothing “R” rated.


Taking time to appreciate life

I’m feeling sad these days, because there is so much going on around me!

My family lost a loved one this week, after a short and courageous battle with cancer. And there is so much going on around the world–Hamas and Israel, the 298 people on flight MH17 murdered, and all of the stuff going on locally (devastating wildfires, murders, etc.)

Surrounded by all of this sadness, I’m reminded that there are no guarantees in this life. None of us are going to get out of this life alive. So I’m reminded to appreciate each day of my life, that I must celebrate each moment of my life and be thankful for all I have been given. 

Today I will attend a wake for my family member, to celebrate a life well lived with my family. I will take time out to pray for the people who died on flight MH17, and to send my prayers to their friends and families. 

And I will make sure to give silent thanks for everything I have been given, the good times and those things I have perceived as bad, in my life.

So yes, I am sad, but I’m also grateful.

May you all be well.




In July 2009, I moved into these beautiful apartments with the boxes shown above.

I’ve acquired a few more things in five years, and it’s time to get ready to move.

So I’m packing, cleaning, and throwing out or donating what I no longer use.

I LOATHE moving, but it’s time to give up this great apartment and move on.

Packing, packing, packing!

Holy moley. I retired.

It’s been an amazing few days.

Friday was my last day of work.

I have worked at my agency for a total of 12.5 years. It’s stressful work, as all work is, and I have done it a lot longer than most staff. Most people burn out in a few years, for a variety of reasons. I held out longer, in two separate periods of employment. The last two years have been difficult for me, because I have some ongoing health issues. My body has been telling me it is time to slow down a bit. My work load was increasing my stress levels, which has made it harder for me to keep my blood sugars low. And I have been exhausted, all the time, dragging myself around day-to-day, and I’m sure that I have been depressed. And moodier than hell. I’ve worked hard to exercise and watch my diet, but I knew deep inside my soul that it was time for me to move on from the work I have done for so long. I have not enjoyed my work for some time, and at my age I do not want to live my life with regrets. I’ve learned to listen to what my gut is telling me, what I know I need to do for myself.

So, after threatening to retire, I finally decided the time was NOW and gave my notice a few months ago.

When I walked into my office for the last time, on Friday, here’s what I saw:

last day

last day 2

Yeah, I cried.

Friday night, a whole bunch of us got together for a happy hour to celebrate my last day. Thirty people showed up, staff past and present, and I had a great time talking to people who came to see ME.

And it’s what they all said to me that has humbled me and made me swell with pride. The compliments I got were amazing. I was kind of numb, to be honest with y’all.



What the hell is next?

Who the hell knows?

I know that my work life is not completely over; I will work at something after a taking the summer off to play (and move). And when the right job comes along for me, I will be ready. It’s not going to be full time, that’s for sure!

This weekend I’m relaxing; the retirement parties are over and I have time to read, blog, exercise, sleep, and just breathe. Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to the dentist .

I’m retired.



Retirement weekend

Friday is my last day at work.

I will celebrate my retirement with colleagues at 5:00 p.m., at a local Seattle restaurant near Pike Market.

This weekend I’m going to relax, unwind, and take time to breathe.

I’m going to get outside and get some sun, but I’m also going to take LOTS of bubble baths, read three books (the latest Linda Fairstein is on my Kindle), sleep, watch t.v., and go to another retirement party Saturday night (my boss has graciously offered his home and barbecue grill for a small get together).

And breathe.

Yeah, I said that already.

I am so looking forward to having a summer without work!

And I’m sure that I will be updating y’all about what retirement looks like from my perspective!

Gotta go right now, get to work, and keep working on closing up shop at work.


Pensioner who hid medals and absconded from care home found at D-Day celebrations in France – Telegraph

Pensioner who hid medals and absconded from care home found at D-Day celebrations in France – Telegraph.

I love this story!

This 89 year-old man, living in a care home in Sussex, asked to go to the D-Day events in Normandy.

Someone told him he could not go.

Well, this dear man, a veteran of world War II, did not like that answer.

This dear man put on his medals, covered them up with his raincoat, and took off for France!

This dear man is doing fine, and his friends will make sure he gets home safely, after he attends all of the D-Day celebrations in Normandy.

Downloading public library ebooks to Kindle

I’ve always known that I could download ebooks from my public library to my Kindle.

I’ve preferred to buy my Kindle books, for some strange reason. And there are usually some pretty good deals, from free to six bucks!

But since retirement is coming is 24 days (bwahahah), I’ve decided it’s time to start downloading books I want to read from my library to my Kindle.

And now, I’m going to pass on my new found knowledge (which you probably already know).

Here’s what I need to borrow ebooks from the library:
-A Kindle (I’ve got Kindle on my iPhone, my tablet, and my Kindle Fire).
-An account with my local library
-An account, of course!

I just go to the online site for my local library and look up titles. I look for the ebook option, click the download option, and choose my download option–Kindle, Adobe, pdf are some options. I click Kindle, and then I am directed to the site, where I request the book on my Kindle. If all copies of the ebook are in use, I just place a hold on the title. Then the library sends me an email when my title is available for download. When I'm done with the book, I simply go to my kindle account and request the ebook be returned to the library.


And free.

Y'all probably know how to do this already, but I'm still as impressed as hell.


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Beth’s quote for the day!

my way

picture credit

When you tell someone “it’s my way or the highway,” please do not be surprised when they decide to take the highway.

Mary Stewart obituary | Books | The Guardian

Mary Stewart obituary | Books | The Guardian.

I’m saddened to hear the news that novelist Mary Stewart has died at the age of 97.

But I’m so grateful for her books, which kept me entertained and delighted for many years.

RIP, Mary Stewart! Thanks for your wonderful books (especially the Merlin books).

Festival 2014 | SIFF

Festival 2014 | SIFF.

SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival) starts May 15, and runs until June 8.

I cannot wait!

SIFF showcases foreign and independent films, with lots of short films and documentaries.

SIFF is a PNW treasure, and lots of fun (also good cheap popcorn).

Expect to see more on this blog about the SIFF movies I’m seeing this year.


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